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Hi, I'm Dorine

Thanks for stopping by and letting me to share my passion with you for photography.

I'm a  simple New England girl married  for over 40yrs to the boy I met on a blind date. I grew up in the middle of two brothers, so I'm kind of a tomboy at heart, I love hanging out with guys...but I'm also a fashionista! I love perfume and fine jewelry and fine dining. My mother always said I needed to married a rich man. Well, we are rich in the Lord, and you can't get any richer than that!

As for photography, I've been looking through the lens of a camera since my children were babies, and even before then I was catching every New England sunset and its rocky countryside; when we moved Florida I was captivated by its colorful sunsets and flowers. Now, I live in Georgia. The great peach state, and couldn't be happier because it offers me a lot of what I left behind in New England. My love for beauty envelops my images,  what I see on the inside is expressed on the outside. This is what tells the story...YOUR story.

You can count me among, the small percentile, of photographers  academically trained in digital photography and studio lighting. I also operate a small portrait studio out of my home,  and teach photography in my spare time.

Some personal accomplishments: Master degree in Science of Religious Ed; Ordained Minister, Bible Teacher: Certified Wedding Planner;  Retired Board Member of, Genesis Joy House Shelter, a training center for homeless female veterans. 


© 2022    Dorine Pederzani Photography Studio           Warner Robins, Ga            PH:  321 749 9152

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